LISTEN SPACE GRAND OPENING APRIL 04, 2008 Mr. Andre Cormier and ensemble Sunna no onna will be joining us here in brooklyn (home of Biggie Smalls) for the last week of march to present "Piling Sand, Piling Stone 2." check out listen space here. Also just finished working with Rollin Hunt on some new recordings. We'll be playing with him March 01 at Dead Herring. We also performed some Black Sabbath backwards with the distinguished Mr. Jason Ajemian. Village voice even had something to say about it. In other big news, the Lady Lucille album "House of the Future" is mastered and we are officially shopping it to lables/pr folks/ or anyone else who wants to help us get it out there. Dev helped out on an album coming out on Fat Possum and we learned a very specific style of backcountry alpine skiing in Austria. PH5 was written and given as a gift for a wedding and we're still waiting for the release of PH1 on ERM Media.

Dev & KP

August-December Synopsis + Jan Events + Feb/March COME SEE PH5 Monday Jan 14 at the Rattlestick Playwright's Theather and Lady Lucille is Rocking the CAKESHOP Jan 13th. Idle hands are the devil's playthings. We have been working like dogs AKA we're too busy to update the news on this site. Katie premiered a Lady Lucille piece on a calarts concert with live dance choreographed by jess gaynor and film by vanessa mcdonnell. there was a fish called mayan warrior involved as well. Speaking of dance "the sea" was turned into a 13 minute space odyssey for jess gaynor's solo dance show in October. November was huge with recording 14 Lady Lucille songs at Vacation Island with Matt Boynton, with many musical guests+ full string quartet for "House of the Future", the first album. Mastering at WestWestside Music Feb 2 for release sometime in April. December had dev recording with Steve Horowitz's Code International and we also worked with Joseph Davancens and played a show at the Dead Herring space moments before Mr. Davancens jetted off to Cali. We both performed with the talented Rollin Hunt (kp on drums!, dev on bass) here before he jetted to europe, and then also spent some time working with Andre Cormier and Suna No Onna live in Vancouver. Before then, Lady Lucille played at Ladyfest in Chicago with Bunny Rabbit, Ora Cogan and others. Ora came through NYC and dev played drums in her backing band. Texas Democrats played thier final gig at the cakeshop and Spider played Pop Montreal, and somehow we both played with the Astoria symphony. Also helped Jason and Lucas Ajemian record their project and did some recording with Doug Perkins at Dartmouth and his percussion duo, recorded some solo Anni Rossi, as well as mastering for Quentin Tolimieri. All the while planning ski trips and learning to take care of a fish. Oh yea, we're also building a performance space. First concert will be in April and will feature Andre Cormier. xo Dev & KP++

July 2007 gosh we have been super busy. Some of the things we've done in the past months have been super awesome, including: recording some hard-rock-pre-backwards-orchestra with Jason Ajemian, Lucas Ajemian and Nori Tanaka here in the little loud brooklyn studio. Playing outside in the rain on our sidewalk for williamsburg passersbys on Make Music NY day with a very raucous version of Jim Tenneys "having never written a note for percussion" and a post-rain afterparty impromtu country band. Devin's been playing drums and Katie's been singing backup/tambourine with Jane Herships beautiful music "Spider" in really cool places like the Garden Of Earthly Delights at the Dam, Stuhltrager gallery and a New York Observer designer showcase for Susan Cianciolo, Lady Lucille has been very busy working on making "the sea" into 13 minute sea-stravaganza for Jessica Gaynor's amazing dance choreography, and we're about to MINI-TOUR with our Los Angeles friends: ING, MAD GREGS and ANNI ROSSI- July 12-17. I'm sure we've done some other things but I can't remember them. :) Also, the ny department of buildings has given us the official go-ahead to start to tear up our funeral home and create an amazing space of the future for whatever we want to do with it... so here we go, tear it up!

March/April 2007 When will we start saying ot-seven? This month has us working with Analog Arts Ensemble, playing at Hanks Saloon, putting some music on a CalArts sponsored event. Construction is moving slowly on our new space and in our spare time, we can't stop ourselves from watching law and order.

Jan & Feb 2007 are shaping up to be killer. The coolest thing I think that happened is an orchestra in Kiev spent the last week recording PH1. yeah, holy smokes! Look for it in a few months when its released as part of the "masterworks of the new era". What else? Lady Lucille recorded 4 new songs in a one-night frenzy with the talented mr. Kevin Farrell before he jetted off to europe. Tomorrow Dev is getting presented with the "best experimental film" of the 2006 new york independent film fest for "untitled 17", so I think we'll go pick it up. And, and the best news for me is that my absolute favorite dance choreographer and friend, Jessica Gaynor is going to choreograph a piece to a Lady Lucille song! Soooo exciting.

What else, what else, the biggest news may be that we are now proud owners of the Abramo Chapel. Yep, we did it. And are spending the next few months of our little lives renovating a funeral home to become a performance space. I'll put up pictures, because that will be fun. xoxoxo-- KP++

December 2006 was a big month for us. We put on two successful shows, finished mastering the 7" Lady Lucille single "Oh Why," in addition to getting all of our holiday shopping done. We're still happily obsessed with any movie with William Hurt or James Coburn. Even Payback. xo Dev & KP++